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 DBN is a proud program  of 

Wayne State's Healthy Urban Waters 

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Woodward Bioswale 

Location: Wayne, Lot 12 
Client: Wayne State University  

Goals: Stormwater Management, Habitat, Beauty 

This site is DBN's first bioswale project, it was first established in 2016 and has since developed into a mature mix of native plant species specifically selected to tolerate large fluctuations in moisture levels and increase soil permeability.  

Water from the parking lot is graded toward the center where the plants intercept, retain and filter the stormwater that flows into the swale. The site has since been used for several research projects in the College of Engineering and Biological Sciences 



3,243 sqft Bioswale 

54,014.4 sqft. Impervious Surface

33,650.97 Gallons of water per inch of rain